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Instructions for card payment through the Virtual POS Terminal of First Investment Bank:

УThe Virtual POS Terminal service of First Investment Bank provides an opportunity to make payments by bank cards on the Internet with a high level of security.
To that end, the bank’s system and the website of Grand Hotel & Spa Primorets Burgas are linked –
The interface created allows users to create their order on the website of the merchant, and then through an encrypted channel to be redirected to the banking system to enter their card data and make the payment.
This method of operation does not require from the merchant to store and process sensitive information (card numbers, CVC codes, etc.). Pursuant to the standards for the security of card payments (PCI DSS), these data are processed and stored by the bank.

After creating your reservation and choosing to pay by a bank card, you will be redirected to the banking system and you will see the form with fields for entering card data:


The Virtual POS Terminal accepts payments with the following card types: Maestro, Visa and MasterCard – issued by local or foreign banks. Each bank that issues cards of these types has its own policy and requirements concerning online payments with the relevant cards.
Therefore, before proceeding with the online payment with your card it is advisable to contact the bank that has issued the card and make sure that it can be used for payments through the Internet (e–commerce transactions) and under what conditions this is possible.

Fill in the fields on the payment form:

1. „Name field” field in this field the user must enter the name of the card holder as printed on the bank card. They should be written in the same manner in which they are written (embossed) on the bank card. Specific symbols such as !, $, %, &, *, ', ", etc. are not allowed.

2. „Card number ” field – in this field the user must enter the entire number located on the front of the bank card with no spaces between the numbers.

Example: The card number is printed on the plastic in the following way – 4218 7476 1234 5678. In the Card number field this number must be entered as follows: 4218747612345678.

3. Expiry date field – in this field the user must enter the expiry date of the relevant bank card. This value may be written differently on different bank cards (08/15, 05/2013, etc.). The values in this field must to be filled in the following manner: month in format MM/year in format YY.

Example: If the card is valid until October 2016, the Expiry date field must contain the values 10/16 (month/year).

4. CVC2 code field – this field must contain the three–digit security code which is printed on the back of the bank card in the manner shown in the following examples.


NB – When paying with Maestro cards, the CVC2 code is not compulsory and this field may be left blank. Approval of such transactions by the bank card issuer depends on its individual policy (whether or not to require a CVC2 code when processing payments made on the Internet through Virtual POS Terminal).

This means that when paying with Maestro cards, the user may leave the CVC2 code blank, but whether or not this transaction will be approved by the bank card issuer depends on its own individual policy on this matter.

Before trying to make such payment with a Maestro card it is recommended that the cardholder should contact their bank and familiarize with the requirements of this bank regarding the provision of CVC2 code for online payments.

An example of a correctly completed payment form with the following card data:

Name on card: Petar Petrov Petrov

Card number: 4218747612345678

Expiry date: 11/2015

CVC2 code: 123


Technology for additional security when paying by bank cards on the Internet

The Virtual POS Terminal of First Investment Bank supports the 3D Card Security technology for additional security of online payments by bank cards. The technology has been implemented via the payment schemes of Visa

(verified by Visa; and MasterCard (MasterCard secure code;

In essence, this technology increases the security of online payments on the Internet, requiring the provision of an additional password that is known only to you.

If the bank that has issued your card supports this technology and your card is registered for such verification – after filling in the fields in the payment form and pressing the Pay button, you will be redirected to the website of your bank and you will see a similar form through which the bank will require you to enter your password for 3D Card Security payment verification:

After correctly entering your 3D password, the payment will be completed and you will be redirected back to the website of the merchant.

In the event that your card is not registered for such verification, but your bank supports this technology and requires 3D payment verification when paying on the Internet through their bank cards – after filling in the fields in the payment form and pressing the Pay button, you will be redirected to a website of your bank, where you will see a similar text notifying you that you need to register your card for 3DCardSecurity verification to use it for online payments: